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Discount CodesUpdated a month ago

Applying Your Discount Code

1. Go to your cart and click the “checkout” button! 🛍

2. At the checkout page, you will see a “Gift Card or Discount Code” field on the right-hand side of the page. 👉🏽 Enter your code there and hit apply to see the price drop reflected! 🤩

3. To apply both a store credit or gift card code AND a discount code, please just be sure to enter all store credit and gift card codes before entering your discount code. 🤑👏🏽

4. If you are having trouble applying your discount code, please check to see that you have not made a typo when entering the code. 💞 

✨ Bonus tip!! ✨Don’t forget to make sure your order meets the terms and conditions of the discount code (such as minimum spend as well as the expiry date of the code!). If the code is still not working, please feel free to reach out to our lovely customer care girlies at [email protected] for assistance! 

Using Multiple Discount Codes

Only one discount code may be applied per order! However we love a good discount hehe, so discount codes can be used in conjunction with store credits or gift cards! 💞

Retroactively Applying Discount Code 

We know it can be super exciting placing an order of shiny new kinis and you just want to check out as fast as you can 🙈 If you may forget to apply your discount code, we are regretfully not able to apply this to your order retroactively… ✨ SO THIS IS YOUR REMINDER TO DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ORDER BEFORE YOU PAY!! ✨

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