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Do Not Combine Returns/Exchanges Using One Return Shipping LabelUpdated 7 months ago

🚨 PSA: Returns from multiple orders or multiple return/exchange requests cannot be sent back in one return package! 

If you received a return label to use when setting up your return, please only use that label to send back the pieces you selected to return/exchange from the order the label corresponds to. If you add pieces from other orders, other return requests, or pieces you did not select when setting up your return on our portal, refunds or exchanges can not be processed for those items!Β 

Please note βœοΈπŸ‘‰πŸ½ Bundling isn't possible as we use a scanning system based on the barcode of the return label that is attached to the package! The label confirms the information we use to process your exchange quickly and correctly. Adding pieces to a return parcel that do not match the information shown on the barcode of the return label can not be accounted for and so returns and exchanges for those items sadly can not be processed. πŸ’• Additionally, your return label is calculated based on the weight of the items you are sending back. Adding additional items to your return parcel may result in the package being returned to you before it ever reaches us!!Β 

We want you to receive your refunds and exchanges, so please make sure to follow our policy of not bundling!

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