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USA Customs Duties & Tax - Multiple Orders Totaling Over $800Updated 9 months ago

PSA!! We only allow orders up to the value of $800! ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ› If you're treating yourself to some shiny new kinis and your order total is over $800 or you decide to go all-out and place multiple orders to the same address in the same day with a grand total above $800, your second package will be held for 7 days in the DHL facility to allow for a stretch in between shipments so that the tricky customs issues and duties fees can try to be avoided. Please know this process is set in place by DHL as per their policies!ย 

โœจ Tip!! โœจ An option to avoid this is to place one of two orders via a different shipping method. For example, if you place the first order via standard shipping and the second via express, the order will not be held!

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